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Medical Benefit Analysis

Health insurance is the most valuable (and costly) benefit an employer can offer. A well-designed health plan will attract and retain a talented workforce. For employers, choosing an affordable, competitive health care plan that meets your company’s goals and objectives can be difficult.

Our expertise in navigating a complex insurance market has made us successful in structuring benefit plans for a wide audience of employers and partner insurance agencies. Our proprietary analytics tool, along with our distinctive relationships with stop loss insurance carriers and third-party administrators, gives us the ability to secure creative and highly competitive quotes.


We will work with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your current benefit choices to determine how they relate to the overall effectiveness of your benefits package and plan performance. We will then provide an assessment along with strategic advice to structure a competitive benefits plan that maximizes profitability, retains and attracts talent, and meets compliance requirements. Our assessments include:

  • Plan Design Evaluations

  • Actuarial Plan Values

  • Employee Cost Share Assessment

  • Benchmarking Analysis

  • Strategic structuring of medical plan designs

  • Employee Contribution Strategies

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