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Self-funding Consultation

At Frissora & Associates, we specialize in providing consultation services for self-insured health plans. Our firm works directly with employers offering a self-insured plan, in addition to partnering with other health insurance brokers and their clients.

Our comprehensive consultation model includes:

  • Self-Insured Viability Study

  • Customized Risk Analysis based on employer specific demographics

  • Stop loss contract advisement and risk mitigation

  • Claim Projection

  • Total Cost Estimate

  • Leveraged reinsurance purchasing power

  • Third Party Administration (TPA) analysis

  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) analysis

Our upfront analysis determines if a self-insured funding structure is recommended based on the current benefit plan, claims data and utilization. Ongoing and upon renewal, we provide counsel, analysis, and reporting for the full spectrum of the self-insured benefit plan.

Contact us for a self-insured risk evaluation or to obtain a sample of our consultation reporting package.

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