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Health Insurance Claim Analysis

Our robust, easy to understand claim analysis reporting provides the expanded data you need to be properly informed, allow you to control costs, and focus on optimal results. At Frissora & Associates, our claim analysis process includes:

  • Gathering, validating, and reformatting data from carriers so that we can transform it into meaningful analytics

  • Analyze complex data and utilization while creating dashboards to give an overall picture of claim utilization

  • Optimize the value and effectiveness of information

  • Explore data while looking for patterns and trends, and key performance indicators

  • Anticipating outcomes, identifying various trends to improve processes, and recommend plan improvements

  • Continuous monitoring of utilization and plan guidance

  • Audit stop loss transactions

  • Informed decision making with maximum data interpretation and analysis

We continuously monitor our customer’s claim data and utilization. Our insightful reporting creates transparency for our clients, which evaluates and supports our funding recommendations while identifying opportunities for plan improvement.

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