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All the benefits of a self-insured program while minimizing health care costs, maximizing risk protection, and simplifying billing and administration

Sophisticated Risk Assessment Tools
Our trademarked risk analysis tool will evaluate the individual risk of a group to determine if self-funding is appropriate.  We will then determine optimal specific stop loss levels and the aggregate attachment point to balance the employers cost objectives with its risk tolerance

Large Group Purchasing Power with Custom Benefits & Rating
Negotiated large group stop loss pricing, with the flexibility of having employer specific group benefits and rates, without the requirements of a multi-employer health arrangement 

Quality Administrative Services through Meritain Health
Meritain, an independent subsidiary of Aetna, offers the stability of one of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated third party administrators to ensure accurate and timely service to both employers and employees

Broad Provider Network Access
Access to Aetna’s top provider networks supplemented by leading regional networks with the objective of providing broadest access at the lowest available price for quality health care services

Protection of High Dollar Claims

Aggressively negotiated stop loss coverages and rates through a group of pre-qualified, top tier carriers who are dedicated to providing support on a long-term basis

Continuous Monitoring of Real-Time Plan Cost and Plan Utilization Data
Identify opportunities for interventions to improve the efficiency of healthcare, promote better outcomes for patients, and aggressively manage costs for both the employer and employees

Simplified Enrollment, Billing, and Reporting
Group specific, budgeted monthly premiums and customized monthly reporting to reduce the burden of administration while maintaining a predictable level of cash flow

Compliance Assistance
Record keeping, tracking and reporting to assist with government compliance requirements

Suite of Ancillary Benefits  
A competitively priced selection of Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance, and Disability products with the convenience of single source billing 

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